First week-end

This was our first week-end on board.

Friday night the temperature was still very good but very windy. I believe we did what most people do in such conditions: drink and eat and wait for better weather! We had a great evening, very happy to be on our new boat! We slept like baby with the storm lighting up the sky of Florida.

Saturday was cold and rainy. We went hunting for Marina and we finished the day at the Blue Dog. If you are stopping by Pine Island, I really recommend that small restaurant. The food is amazing (they have their own fishing boat) and the service is just great! Calamari, conch, mullet, etc…

blue dog

Only bad news is that we had no luck with the marina. Everything is just full! We were a bit worry to be able to find a spot. At night, Mike called us and give us the name of a marina we did not go. We tried on Sunday morning and Bingo! We may have a spot before end of January. The harbor master was very confident that looking for a yearly contract (and I believe being top of the list) we may have the spot of some people canceling for January. Crossing fingers.


Sunday was just cold! During the night temperature went down around 40. We still had a wonderful night! We headed up to the Ragged Ass Saloon for breakfast. Another great place in Saint James. Very simple and rustic but great breakfast for a small price. You can even come with your boat.


Was time to head home. Blue Skye is resting for the week and as we start working !

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