Cold Week-end


We were supposed to move the boat up to Burnt Store Marina this week-end, but the weather was not good for a first cruise. Wind were around 20 kts with gust at 25.

We took the opportunity to make some more work. The GPS is now ready to go. We tested the alcohol burner as well (not so bad) and the toilet…that is never the funny part in a boat. Seems we have a small leak there that we will need to fix.  Water tank has been filled completely.

The boat has been as well loaded with essential stuff, so we don’t need a truck each time.


We looked the diesel but the only thing we were able to do is to add some oil. For the rest I really need someone to show me. It looks easy on internet but much more complex in real life. Plus, the access is not very easy. I hope it will hold the trip. We want to sail our way up anyway !

The barbecue has been as well set up and tested despite the cold temperature: around 47 during the night.


Barbecue with 50 F…

Last news is the addition of the cat to the crew. It was a first contact with the boat and it went very well. She made her home right away and exploring her new territory.


The bad surprise was water in the bilge. We don’t know why. It was full. We never had that in the past. We had a few theories of a few new things we did: use the toilet, fill the water tank. We tested both after detecting the water, but we could not see anything obvious and the water does not seems to come back. (at least quick enough). We will see when we come back next week-end.

Next week we should be on our way for a 40 miles trip up north.

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