The white sock Captain, Facebook and the mist…

As usual we left the harbor on Saturday morning to Cayo Costa. We have been there two times now, but there are so many things to see and do…Wind was coming from the East at 6-8 Knots making our travel very comfortable. I was very happy about Wind Maiden performance in light wind. When leaving the marina, I took aim on a sailboat a few miles away from us (It happen it was as well going to the state park) and 2 hours after we were passing her. When the Captain of the other boat saw us, he put his engine and motored his way to the bay. To be honest, the vessel was much bigger (40 ft or so) and less adapted to light wind but still…I was very proud of our old lady!


After anchoring, we had our lunch, nap and went to visit a small beach in the mangrove. Maribel was excited by the number of Oyster shells she found. Now, she is convinced that she will collect and eat Oyster in Cayo Costa (I am more incline to think that someone bought Oysters in All Food and dropped the shell!)

During the evening, we looked the adventure of a yacht trying to anchor. The all story was relayed in real time on Facebook by Ed. Seems the captain of the boat had no clue about what he was doing and was running everywhere with his white socks (apparently forgetting his shoes). He started to anchor with 10 ft of chain, before realizing it was a bit short and started to read the manual (never too late for some information!). He finally ended up jamming the windlass. A good moment of fun. Money doesn’t buy experience. That’s for sure!

The real lesson of that story is that mistakes aren’t shared anymore with a few laughing spectators on a dock but word wide and real time on Facebook…A bit scary. Watch your back sailor! (I confess I though about our epic fail docking in an harbor in Corsica…thanks to God it was pre-Facebook area !)

As I was following the adventure of the white sock captain (I could actually see his boat), two boats dropped the hook very close from our place. I wasn’t very excited to have these 2 so close (both on the same anchor). But the night was calm and I though it should be fine. (on the left of the picture)


Just before sunset, we had a concert. Boats all over the bay were starting to horn each other’s. The day after, I learned it was done with conchs. Ed took a small video of it. A tradition of Florida !


After all these adventures, the small community of Pelican Bay went to sleep.

I waked up in a mysterious mist. I found after that the fog was due to fire on the continent. The whole bay was covered by it. Visibility was down to a mile.


We started our way back to the marina with 8 kts wind from SE. Perfect condition. A few dolphins came around and we were cruising well. Unfortunately, 10 miles away from the marina the wind went down to…. zero…Nothing left. I waited…I waited…and finally had to put the engine (we had to go back home). I motored during 30 min before coming back to sail with a 4 kts wind. At 2 PM we were docking at Burnt Store.


See you next week !

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