Getting Ready….

This week-end was dedicated to preparing Wind Maiden for the 7-10 days trip we are planning end of this month.

The task was to install 2 solar panels to be more autonomous from an energy level perspective. We don’t have a lot of need in electricity onboard (no fridge, no microwave and others fancy things), only our navigation instruments, lights and charging phone and kindle. In case of emergency, I can as well load the boat batteries.

I bought 2 solar panels. One of 100 W and the other 40 W. The idea was to be able to recharge the battery we use for the dinghy. (that is our main concern in term of energy).

The installation of the solar panel went just well. We put them on the bimini (flexible). Problem started with cables and plugs. Of course, nothing is compatible! Anyway, we are back home and just bought the plugs and cables I need on Amazon.

Also, we finished the installation of the safety net, purchased two new life jacket/harness (combine both) and the corresponding tethers. We also got a sewing kit and some emergency sail tape to complete our safety equipment.

2 extra tanks of 5 gallons of water has been installed and I have one more for next week.

End of the day, we left 700 bucks in West Marine to finish the readiness checklist!

After all this work (still wondering why it is called “plaisance” after so many years), we clean up the boat to remove what is not needed. We had at least 10 life jackets and a bunch of crap we will never use. This went to the home storage. We going to need all the space we can have for food, etc…

We left Wind Mainden this morning below an ugly dark sky. Storm and high wind were coming from the west. We hope she will do fine!

(no pictures this week – problem with my camera !)

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