Dancing with the waves

We left the marina on Saturday morning with 10 kts wind from the East. An easy ride to Cayo Costa, downwind all the way. The sea was calm, the sky covers by a white blanket of clouds. The weather man was forecasting 10 kts, from the East, then SE and finally SW the afternoon. Chance of rain and thunderstorms.

Last Tuesday, I purchased a fishing license, so I put a line behind the boat and we enjoyed the ride to Cayo Costa. I have no clue about fishing, I was just hoping for a fish dumb enough to bite. We arrived Pelican Bay around noon, with no fish (lucky we had planned something for dinner my wife not trusting completely my fishing abilities) but under a blue sky. The anchorage was busy, and we spent 10 min looking for a spot (not too far from the ranger station).

After a quick lunch, we decided to go to the beach (with 90 degree the boat was getting very hot). We went to a small beach at the entrance of the bay and enjoyed the water. Walking the beach, I found a small piece of wood to upgrade my fishing gear. I wasn’t giving up yet.



Coming back to the boat, I used my small piece of wood to roll the line. I put the line back in the water and entered a semi-conscious state of mind waiting for a bite (is that fishing?). After one hour, I eventually forgot the line till the whole thing started to tingle. Oh Shit! I was the first one surprised that it was working. I started to roll the line back and saw a big fish swimming against the hull. First, I thought it was a small shark but looking at it better it looks like more a cat fish. Anyway, the fish was cute, and we did not feel to eat it or kill it so we let him go. Good Bye fish and good bye my fishing career too. Maribel made it clear. No more fishing. They are too cute!


After my fishing experience, we had dinner, looking at a storm coming to us. Dark clouds were gathering, and we could hear some thunders. The light was also very different. Hard to explain. Just look at the picture.


Cooking our pinchitos before the storm


Amazing light. 


In a few minutes, the wind picked up as the storm was getting closer. We didn’t get the rain, just the wind around 20 kts. It was amazing to see how fast the wind increase from 2 kts to 20.

The night has been windy and I waked up a few times to check our position. No problem. We didn’t move and Wind Maiden was softly rolling (not uncomfortable at all)

On Sunday, weather man was forecasting wind to go down around 8 AM to 10-12 kts. It didn’t happen. We started our sailing with sustain 17 kt from the East. Coming out Pelican bay, I tried to raise the main sail and found the halyard was stuck around the mast light. Shit! I tried to fix the problem, but with the waves and the traffic coming up and down the intracoastal it was difficult. I decided to go with the jib for a while (still better than the engine). Not ideal, but we had enough wind to get out the ICW and maintain our course.  Once out, we took a NE route (we had to tack our way back) and after a 10 min fight, I finally freed the halyard and Wind Maiden was free to dance with the waves!



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