Special Family Week-end


It was a special day for Wind Maiden, she had the entire family on-board.  Gary my oldest son and Jennifer were visiting us from New Jersey. Neil could make it as well taking a break from university homework.

It was a short trip with as usual a few adventures.

The first one, and the most uncomfortable one, was the damn toilet still leaking. It was really not great. Good thing is that it seems we found the problem, a leak in the black water tank itself. Anyway, not a good way to receive our guests ! Wind Maiden didn’t show her finest personality 🙂 Maybe she was jealous…who knows.

We started the day with 11-14 kt wind from the NE, perfect weather for the boat. We took a reef to make the trip more comfortable for our new crew. Gary seems to remember the basic and both brothers got the sail ready. Happy time for the captain !


Wind Maiden also broke her speed record on our way to Cayo Costa with more than 7 kt ! Probably the gentle touch of her new captain !



In the anchorage the condition were a bit rough for this fresh crew, with wind over 20. We assisted to a risky anchorage, the captain probably surprised by the drift. (see video)

The afternoon was rainy limiting a lot of our options to visit the island. We had anyway great rainbows the entire afternoon. Seems nature was enjoying the family meeting with a festival of colors !


We also had a kamikaze pelican slamming 3 times into our boat before realizing his head was not hard enough. During the night, a night bird came to visit us.


A good day ! What else than a wonderful sunset with more dreams and horizons?



We came back to the marina the day after, after a stop to the beach.


We had no wind and had to do 1/2 of the way with the engine before finishing under 7 kt West wind and escaping the rain coming to us.


Thank you to Gary and Jennifer for visiting us and adding their names to these unforgettable memories. We couldn’t have a better gift.

Video of the trip:

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