Un jour de pétole…

After 2 weeks on land, we were very impatient to sail again. Saturday at 8 AM we were motoring our way out the marina. Unfortunately, we had no wind…zero knot…In french we have a word for that “pétole”.

After two hours drifting, we decided to go back to the marina and do some work. We had a new holding tank installed during the week and the boat needed a serious clean up. With no wind, the heat was terrible reaching 90. Never be so happy to have air-conditioning on board !

The afternoon we went for some fish and had a great dinner: clams, swordfish and shark. It was simple and excellent.  When eating and looking at the sunset, I though we had a wonderful terrace. And we can move it when we get tired of the view 🙂

No wind, but still a great week-end. Wind Maiden is ready…hoping for some good weather next week.

Enjoy the video and….be happy !

One comment

  1. On sent la chaleur sortir de l’écran 😉 Mais quel paysage à couper le souffle! Je me serais bien laissée tenter par les petits coquillages! profitez bien! Bisous de Belgique


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