Summer days in Cayo Costa

Since weeks, we had our first good weather forecast for the week-end. No scattered thunderstorms, only an isolated risk in some areas of the bay. We took the Friday off and headed for the boat on Thursday night for 3 full days.

On Friday morning, wind was W – NW, around 5 knots and we slowly sailed to Pelican Bay. Not the most exciting sailing of the year, but light winds are also very interesting. You need to keep adjusting sails and course to take the best of each blow.


Five hours later, we arrived at Pelican Bay together with another sailboat. Surprise! We were the only two boats anchored, and we had the entire bay for ourselves.

With 32 C and 80% humidity, we quickly prepared the boat to survive the heat. We deployed two extra canvas to protect ourselves from the sun. One over the cockpit and one for the bow protecting the cabin. With no air conditioning, our strategy was simple: take a few beers and wait! I know sailing is hard life! The rest of the afternoon was simple: beach. We had the entire beach for ourselves!




The evening was quiet. The wind went down to 3-5 knots and dolphins came to swim around the boat. Later, we had a wonderful sky with some thunderstorms on the east.


The night was very hot. That is probably the biggest problem when sailing in summer. The temperature remains around 29 C and our 2 fans are just not enough. We managed anyway to sleep a little and be ready for the next day.

Saturday morning, conditions were similar. After a short rain shower on the morning, we had plenty of sun and light wind around 5 knots W-SW. We decided to wake up early and hike a new trail in Cayo Costa. The hike was excruciated.  It was hot. We probably didn’t do more than 2 miles and half, but it was enough! We finally reached the campground on the west side of the island (deserted) and took a ride back to the dock with a ranger.

We took the dinghy and went to another beach before heading back to the boat and repeat the relaxing routine.


End of the afternoon, we were ready for another swim, but we had no power left on the electric engine of the dinghy. We decided to swim around the boat. In Pelican bay, because of the mangrove, the water isn’t clear, so you don’t see very much what is behind you. I went to check the anchor while Maribel was hugging the dinghy. While she was in the water, something grabbed her shoes (it wasn’t me !) and almost took it off ! She swam back to the boat with the speed of a professional swimmer. We didn’t see anything, but it could be any type of fish. Her shoes are orange fluo and may attract some predators.


After all these emotions, we went for a shower, beers and dinner, protected under our wonderful mosquito’s net. Without it, we couldn’t stay outside. This is the best investment for Florida !


The shower



On Sunday it was time to head back to the Marina. The wind was very light, and we had to motor our way back for a while altering engine and sail.

What a wonderful week-end !

Short video of T-storms and Cayo Costa:

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