Clean Water, shallow water and decibels

Week-end started with a great home made “ceviche” and a chart to decide the week-end plan.


The forecast for the week-end was wonderful. Our first idea was to sail north and anchor in Alligator Creek. However, the wind was supposed to change going from East to NE, W, SW and back to E.  Alligator creek is only protected from E and NE. We needed a well-protected anchorage from all directions. There is only one in the area and it is Pelican Bay. Done.

After a small problem going out of our dock (seems the rear gear didn’t work at first) we were on our way with 10-13 kts wind. 2 miles before Pelican Bay the wind started to drop, and we finished the last mile motoring.

Arriving Pelican Bay, the first surprise was the depth of the water. We usually have around 6 ft all the way and this time we were just under 5 ft. With a 4.7 ft draft it wasn’t a lot of security. The second surprise, a nice one this time, is how clear was the water. We could literally see the bottom. After the muddy water of the summer that was just great! Seems the hurricane cleaned the shore.

We had a swim around the boat and spent a wonderful and relaxing afternoon on board. With no dinghy, we couldn’t go to the beach or the island (our dinghy died last week). No big deal, we always have things to do and we started by an afternoon nap ! (cruisers life is so hard !)

The only disturbance was coming from the beach. With the good days, tourists are back with there small motorboats and huge speakers vomiting decibels of horrible musics. Not only that, they seems to compete of who would have the right to annoy everybody with their own music, resulting in a cacophony of  Rap, Rock and Roll and Country. We usually go to the extreme end of the bay to keep our distance, but with the low water level we prudently anchored at the entrance, not tempting our luck. Good news, is that around 5 PM all this horrible crowd is going away and the silence come back to Pelican Bay. It is anyway incredible that people sail 12 nautical miles to a deserted island to contaminate nature with their craps. Can the rangers do something? After all this is a state park where people come to observe and enjoy nature ! Also, it shows the eternal incompatibly between cruisers, usually respectful and the city boaters acting like jerks. All right I am done complaining 🙂

Not too far from us, a few boats from the “Dock A” coming from Burnt Store were docked to each others around one single anchor. Kind of a big raft, hybrid of sail and motorboat.



The forecast for Sunday was about the same. Good wind on the morning dropping in the afternoon. We decided to sail out very early and at 8 AM we were out for 4 hours of great sailing.

Video of our sailing and week-end:


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