Dolphins and sunset in Alligator Creek


We left on Saturday morning with a N wind around 8 knots. Not a lot, but enough for Wind Maiden to make route. Our destination this week-end was an anchorage called Alligator Creek.



On our way to the anchorage we saw a pod of dolphins cruising very close from our hull, we could almost touch them. We saw them a lot in the area, but each time it is always the same fascination.

4 hours later, tackling our way North we arrived at the anchorage. We were alone. It was a bit rolly, but the wind was supposes to turn East end of the afternoon and we were expecting better protection.


Unfortunately, we were anchored far from the coast and we decided to stay on board. We had some work to do, like putting the new cushions and measure the size of our portholes to be able to buy new one.


The anchorage was very calm expect for the plane taking off from Punta Gorda. It is not as isolated as Cayo Costa, but still a nice place.

The most wonderful thing about the anchorage is the view to the west and the sunset. We were waiting for it. The sky was a bit cloudy, but it was still wonderful.




During the night, the wind picked up but turning east as expected. Trusting our new anchor, I slept like a baby 🙂

We came back on Sunday with 12 knots wind from the N-E. Wind Maiden was cruising happily at 6 knots. A nice week-end. Too short as usual.


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