Sailing in the rain…

After two weeks traveling around the world, I badly needed to sail and relax.

We left on Friday morning under a cloudy sky. The wind was perfect with 10 kt coming from the SE and slowly moving to the S as we were heading west.

We arrived at Cayo Costa beginning of the afternoon. The anchorage was very busy and it took about 15 min to find a spot behind two catamarans.

The afternoon, we decided to test the new dinghy engine. It is a 3.5 hp engine replacing our electric engine. The electric engine was fine, but the autonomy is too low and with 10 kt wind we did not have enough power to move around. It was becoming annoying so we decided to move back to a 2 stroke gas engine. I am guilty !

After the test, we came back to the boat and raised our new flag. Maribel spent a lot of time to create a Wind Maiden flag. It really looks great !

On Saturday, after a rainy night, we came back to the marina under heavy rain. With 6 kt of wind, Wind Maiden was still sailing at 3-3.5 kt. Fast enough for me, better slow than supporting the engine during 3 hours.

The last task of the week-end was to replace one of our battery that wasn’t holding the charge anymore. We rushed to West Marine before closing and bought (an expensive) new battery. I installed it on Sunday morning before leaving and closing our week-end !

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