Fishermen village

This week-end, we decided to change our usual sailing for shops and restaurants around the marina.

Friday night, as we usually do, we went to Matlacha to a restaurant we didn’t know, the Olde Fish House Marina.

The place doesn’t have any inside dinner room, so you have to eat outside on a deck near the water. The food and the service were good, and we also had live music.

Having say that, I will not come back to that restaurant and this is the reason: food and drink were served in plastic glasses and plates! (even the margarita – I do consider that a capital crime). More seriously, I believe when your business depends on the environment, on our beaches, on our sea, you should do a minimum of effort to protect it. That is something we can all do. Serving drinks and dinners in decent plates just cost someone to wash them and would provide on more job to people to the community.

The day after, we went to Punta Gorda and visited Fishermen village. The place is very nice, a small mall with shops and restaurants. We tried one of them for lunch and it was good. A very nice day very different from our usual off-grid week-end 😊

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