Margaritas, broken hatch and more toilet problems

The week-end started on Saturday morning with a six kt wind from the S-E turning S-W as we were sailing toward Kayo Costa. A nice and cool navigation with no stress. In Cayo Costa, we found a nice spot away from the beach ‘s mess and we just enjoyed our time at the anchorage with some nice margaritas with ice cube ! The night was event-less with no wind and cool temperature.

On Sunday morning, we left Cayo Costa with zero kt and we started motoring our way back.

2 miles away from the Marina I told Maribel :” What a week-end ! Nothing happened. Just a restful time with zero stress !”.

Well that wasn’t counting on the next 30 min…

10 min later, Maribel told me that water was raising in the toilet. Our holding tank was full. Oh Shit ! Then 10 min after, thinking about stopping to the fuel dock to pump out the gray water and solve this problem, I tried to get the dinghy on-board without stopping the boat. Mistake ! In my effort to get it alone, I walked by accident over the bow hatch and of course broke the glass ! Dammit !

Nobody was hurt (just a few cut on my leg), that is the most important.
Let’s be positive, the hatch was leaking and needed replacement. Now we have to do it. As we were motoring, we closed the hatch with what we could to avoid any infiltration of water. With the dinghy on top it is well protected.

Entering the marina, as planned, we decided to head for the fuel dock to pump out. At least one problem less. Not counting on bad luck. As we were approaching the guy told us the pump was broken…really?

We turned away and headed to our dock. What a perfect week-end ending 🙂

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