Just sailing

Sometimes just sailing is enough. No need for bigger adventure than the simple sound of the waves against the hull and the gentle whisper of the breeze.

We left Saturday morning with 10-15 kt from the East and started our downwind trip to Kayo Costa. At the beginning the boat was rolling badly and Maribel felt a bit seasick (she was doing things inside). As the wind went down to 10 kt the voyage became more comfortable. (video)

We spent the day and night anchoring. The wind went down during the afternoon and it was very quiet. The only event was a motorboat dropping anchor very close from us, almost over my chain. I hailed the skipper to let him know. He didn’t seem very worry…I was. He left a few hours after. Lucky for us, we had no wind and our boats didn’t move.

We came back on Sunday with a East wind around 10 kts. Nice cool and comfortable sailing.

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